Arson – East Preston

Crime Stoppers is asking for the public’s help in solving a case of arson which took place in East Preston Nova Scotia.

On the 12th of June, 2012 the Halifax Fire department responded to a structure fire at 389 Upper Partridge River Road in East Preston NS. After further investigation, it was learned that someone had intentionally set the unoccupied home on fire.

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Break & Enter, Arson – Sheet Harbour

Crime Stoppers is asking for the public’s help in solving a case of break enter and arson which took place a home in Sheet Harbour Passage Nova Scotia.

2012-06-03, 9:50 pm, RCMP respond to a break and enter call to a new home Passage Rd whose owners were away at the time. A neighbour could hear glass smashing and two young male voices, sounded as though they were smashing the house with sledge hammers. When police arrived on scene they noticed the front door to the house opened and what appeared to be fresh tire tracks in front of the driveway. The windows in the house had been smashed out, along with a truck in the garage had its front window smashed. The washer and dryer also had the glass broken. There was paint thrown recklessly throughout. A search of the area proved negative for suspects.

At 12:51 AM ON 2012-06-04, RCMP responded to a fire in progress at the same address. The house was completely destroyed. There was no one seen in the area at the time. The value of the damage done is estimated to be in the area of $750,000.

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Property Damage – Yarmouth

Crime Stoppers is asking for the public’s help in solving a case of property damage which took place at a business in Yarmouth Nova Scotia.

Sometime overnight of October 11 and 12, 2012 damage was done to the property of Tri Star Industries situated on Forest Street. Several bullet holes were found in the glass of the front doors. As well, the word Tri on the front sign had been spray painted to read “Lie Star”.

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Arson – Stewicke

Crime Stoppers is asking for the public’s help in solving a case of a suspicious fire which occurred in Stewiacke Nova Scotia.

On September 1, 2012 Colchester RCMP and the Stewicke Fire Department were dispatched to a report of suspicious fire located at 84 Main Street, Stewiacke, Nova Scotia. The multi unit building the was completely destroyed, and the value was approx. $400,000 in damages.

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Break Enter & Theft (Rare Coins & Currency) – Dartmouth

Crime Stoppers is asking for the public’s help in solving a case of break enter and theft which occurred sometime between July 13th and August 9th, 2012.

The victim who lives on Manor Lane had left for vacation on July 13th and returned August 9th to find a portion of his coin/currency collection had been stolen. Some of the bills and coins in frames on the wall were gone. Also a large amount of coins were taken. Value of currency stolen is between $12,000 – $15,000. Some were rare coins and others being old collectible bills, in all denominations up to thousand dollar bills.
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Sexual Assult – Halifax

Halifax Integrated Major Crime is investigating a sexual assault complaint that occurred on September 13th, 2012 on Quinpool Road in Halifax.

The male suspect is described as is described as:
5’8″ to 5″10″
Middle Eastern
Shaved head
Wearing traditional Middle Eastern clothing and always carrying wooden prayer beads.

The suspect told the victim that he was 72 years of age but she believes he is likely in his 50’s. He provided a name of A. AL SALEH, speaks with a strong accent, and may be a visitor to Canada.

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Colchester – Break & Enter

Crime Stoppers is asking for the public’s help in solving two break enter and
thefts which took place in Colchester County Nova Scotia
Colchester RCMP are investigating two break and enters that took place overnight. At approximately 03:00 hours on July 6th, a pharmacy on Pictou Road near Main Street was broken into. Suspects gained entry by smashing the front door, a quantity of prescription narcotics were stolen.

At approximately 04:00 hours on July 6th, several suspects broke into a pharmacy located on Hwy 2 in Brookfield. The suspects gained entry by smashing the front door. Nothing appeared to be taken.

In both incidents the suspects were observed fleeing in a silver 2 door car.

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Mischief – Dartmouth

Crime Stoppers is asking for the public’s help in bringing to Justice the person responsible for damage to a Metro Transit Bus.
This crime happened on Tuesday July 10, 2012.

At approximately 12:20 am a Metro Transit Bus was just passing MacDonald near the cross walk on Nantucket Ave near the start of the cemetery when the first rock struck the left side of the bus, near the intersection of Nantucket a second rock struck the bus. The bus turned left onto Victoria Road heading north when the driver noticed the suspect throwing another rock which struck the window just behind the driver missing her by inches. Suspect then took off.

Only description of the suspect was they were all dressed in black.

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Theft – Beaver Dam

Crime Stoppers is asking for the public’s assistance in solving the following theft of a Hand Gun.

Between May 24th and May 29th, 2012 a 1967 Smith & Wesson 357 Mag Revolver with a 6″
barrel was stolen from a residence in Beaver Dam, NS. The firearm is described as having a poor
blued finish with a missing screw in the wooden grip.
Serial Number: K794905
Make: Smith & Wesson
Model: 19-2
Type: Handgun
Action: Revolver
Calibre: 357 Magnum
Shots: 6
Barrel Length: 152 mm (6″)
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Assult – Dartmouth

Crime Stoppers is asking for the public’s help in solving an Assault Causing Bodily Harm which took place in Dartmouth Nova Scotia in the early morning hours of Saturday April 21, 2012.

The victim who is a taxi driver had picked up a fare on Barrington Street in Halifax just after midnight and took him to 100 Highfield Park Drive in Dartmouth. The suspect got out of the vehicle without paying at the same time another male approached and sucker punched the victim who was knocked to the ground. The two suspects took of running.

Suspects Description:

(1). Black male, 6’ tall, medium build, wearing dark clothing and a ball cap.

(2). No description available.

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