Anonymity Guaranteed!

“OK, if this is really anonymous,” you say, “how does a tipster get paid without revealing his or her identity?”

Easy! Here’s how the process works:

  • A person contacts Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477(T.I.P.S.) or via the web (Submit Web Tip) and relays their information anonymously. Remember, Crime Stoppers does not tape or trace calls or subscribe to any form of call identifier.
  • During the call the tipster is given a confidential number which is what they will use whenever they call to update the police coordinator’s office. The onus is on the tipster to re-contact Crime Stoppers.
  • If the case was solved by the tipster, once an arrest has been made and charges are laid the tipster qualifies for a cash award. The amount of the award ($50-$2000) is determined by our volunteers.
  • Through the police coordinator’s office, arrangements are made for the tipster to meet a volunteer in a very public place during daylight hours. We give the tipster a description of the person paying him or her.
  • The tipster provides his or her confidential code number.
  • An envelope with cash is passed over to the tipster.