High School Program

Modeled along the same lines as the original Crime Stoppers Program is the Crime Stoppers Program for this province’s high schools.

Research has shown us that high school is much the same as any other community in the province. School administration and students face many similar issues that are crime related. Minor thefts, vandalism, mischief, such as bomb-scares and setting off fire alarms, drug dealing, liquor offences and bullying.
Some schools are so large that they even have their own dedicated police officer at the school for immediate response or assistance.

So where does Crime Stoppers fit with school crime? The answer is simple. We offer the same guarantees as our regular program, in that all callers are offered complete anonymity and cash awards. We do not tape or trace calls. We do not subscribe to any form of call identification. The only difference is that our award schedule for high school crime is from $25.00 – $200.00 and quite often the school administration will deal with some of these matters internally through suspension, detention or compensation for damages. Crime Stoppers still consider these as solved crimes and the caller will qualify for the cash awards.

We’ve been doing high school presentations since 1993, and have seen many successes with this unique approach to solving crime. For example, we’ve solved such crimes as theft, drug dealing, and false alarms. We’ve even identified a student who called in a bomb-scare moments before a high-ranking politician was to visit the school.

There is another benefit to having a Crime Stoppers Program in our high schools. Quite often, catching young people getting involved in crime can be the ‘wake up’ call they need.

And remember, at Crime Stoppers, we want real information about real crime. Like any other crime reported to Crime Stoppers, the information has to be corroborated through other sources, such as the school administration confirming that they did, in fact, have a report of stolen article, alarm or so on.

If your high school would like more information on what Crime Stoppers can do for you, contact us at 1-866-338-0388.