Request to Identify Suspect in Break and Enter and Mischief – Annapolis Royal Police Department

The Annapolis Royal Police Department is investigating two incidents of Mischief and two Break and Enters that occurred during the early morning hours of June 9, 2010, in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. Culprit(s) broke into a Sheriff’s van parked at the Court House and damaged the interior camera system. As well, a pair of bolt cutters were stolen. Also reported damaged was a French heritage public sign at Fort Anne National Historic Site which is next door to the Court House. The same evening, a local garage was broken into, as was as a local antiques store where the bolt cutters believed stolen from the Sheriff’s van were used and recovered. One of the items stolen was an antique, sterling silver “rape whistle” in the form of a crucifix measuring approximately 3” x 3”.

During subsequent canvassing in the area by police, several local business owners and residents commented about a male “drifter” seen in the downtown area the previous day. He was observed at both the garage and the antiques store. He was overheard referring to himself as someone from “English Quebec” (heavy emphasis) who had hiked across Canada seven times.

This individual is described as a white male, 50–60 years of age, approximately 6’0” tall with small upper teeth. He was wearing a ball cap with a large green maple leaf and a large lion belt buckle. He was walking with two wooden walking sticks and was carrying two backpacks.

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Theft – Sheet Harbour

Crime Stoppers is asking for the public’s assistance in solving the following theft.

Between August 14th, 2010 at 1715hrs and August 16, 2010 at 0750hrs, Lawton Drug Store located in the community of Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia, was broken into. The suspect(s) entered the store by breaking through two concrete walls which lead into the cash office.

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Break & Enter – Fall River

Crime Stoppers is requesting the public’s assistance in solving the following break and enter

The break & enter occurred on August 2nd, 2010 at 0503 hrs at Wilson’s Fuels, 3291 Highway #2, Fall River, NS.

Two suspects used pry-bars to gain entry into the business. They appear to be familiar with the premises. The suspects used the pry-bars to gain access to the locked counters containing cigarettes, lotto tickets and petty cash. After loading four hockey bags the suspects leave through the same door they entered.

After exiting, the suspects were apparently scared off by something as the four hockey bags were recovered behind a dumpster approx. 20 feet away. All the merchandise was recovered and all but the petty cash was located.

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Theft – Pictou County

Crime Stoppers is asking for the public’s help in solving the following case of theft.

Between July 13, 2010 and July 20, 2010 unknown suspects cut down several neutral power lines from power line poles on MacGee Road, Knoydart, Pictou County. This is not an isolated incident as similar occurrences have been reported in Antigonish and Guysborough Counties. The suspects are using a pole and saw, similar to a pruning saw, and cutting the bottom (neutral) wire from the power line poles. This will not affect power supply although it may disrupt power briefly with a flicker which could provide a time line for an investigator. No suspects have been identified at this time.

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Logging Equipment Arson – Hardwood

Crime Stoppers is asking for the public’s help in solving and arson which destroyed thousand of dollars worth of logging equipment in the Hardwood Lake area of Kings County Nova Scotia

Sometime between July 2, 2010 15:00 hrs and July 3, 2010 07:00 hrs, a skidder was backed into a 5-ton International truck. Further down the road a Timberjack fellow Buncher was set a blaze and was still smoking when the owner arrived in for work. There was gear, tools and fuel out in the open and could easily have been stolen, and however nothing was taken.

It appears the method of transportation to this secluded area were ATV’s.
It is apparent that the sole purpose of the damage was to suspend logging as long as possible.
Two spray painted messages were located: “Go Home”, “Save a Tree, Shoot a logger”.

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Theft – Barrington

Crime Stoppers is asking for the public’s help in solving the following case of theft

Barrington RCMP received a report that 4 Continental Touring P195 60R15 wheels, rims and lugnuts were stolen off a 2010 Cobalt over the weekend from a local car dealership situated on Oak Park Road in Barrington, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia. Estimated value of theft: $1,200.00.

Break & Enter – Mooseland

Crime Stoppers is requesting the public’s assistance in solving the following break and enter.

Between May 28th, 2010 and June 11, 2010, a break and enter occurred to a shed at a secluded camp located in the community of Mooseland, NS.

. Stolen items include the following:

– 3 1/2 horse power Johnson outboard motor, S/N: J3RSNF
– Minkota electric outboard motor(no further description or S/N)
– Mastercraft 5 piece tool kit, blue in colour S/N: G0320
– Skeetervas bug zapper, S/N: 028548
– Mastercraft sliding compound miter saw, S/N: W0703504
– Makita skill saw (no further description given)
– whipper snipper/brush cutter (no further description given)
– Still Chainsaw, Model #: 270

It is also important to note that prior to the break and enter, the camp owners were visited by a white male, 18-20 years old, dark complected, clean cut, driving a mid sized vehicle (possibly a Ford Focus or Taurus) stating that he had seen a black lab on the road and wondered if it belong to them. The camp owners had not seen this young man before and noted that the shed was opened at that time.

Crime Stoppers assists with the upcoming G8 and G20 meetings

Canada is hosting the upcoming G8 and G20 meetings. The G8 meetings will be taking place on June 25th and 26th in Huntsville, Ontario which is about an hours drive North of Toronto. The G20 meetings will be taking place June 26th and 27th in Toronto, Ontario. As you can appreciate the security requirements for these meetings are very significant in order to ensure the participants are kept safe and that nothing untoward happens in either location.

Crime Stoppers International and its world wide programs will participate by utilizing its world wide tip taking network to receive any information from the public relevant to the safety and security of these two meetings. The international network is comprised of over 1200 programs in over 27 Countries that will be available to receive tips.

The following link can be used by individuals wishing to submit tips online.
(This link will be in place until June 28, 2010).
See instructions below to send a text tip.
** Please note that the keyword for a text tip regarding the G8 and G20 meetings is RCMP (in place of TIPMAN).