Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a serious and ongoing criminal offence that is committed daily in Nova Scotia and throughout Canada. The perpetrators use violence and fear to force victims into prostitution often in the guise of what seemingly starts as a traditional relationship. They are master manipulators who prey upon the insecurities of victims to lure them into their world where they control them and will use them for sex. These actions are devastating for victims’ families and robs them of their hopes and dreams.

For victims of unimaginable cruelty, we are appealing for a countrywide fight against Human Trafficking.  A national, collaborative, powerful fight.  We are making this appeal because human trafficking is often described as modern-day slavery.  We are appealing because these victims have no voice.

Crime Stoppers Programs all across Canada have a proven record at helping solve crime in our communities.  We are very pleased to be part of what we believe is the solution to helping reduce and eliminate the crime of human trafficking in Canada.


Remember that in addition to being a major crime, human trafficking is a serious violation of the human rights of the individuals who are being trafficked.

For more information on HUMAN TRAFFICKING please refer to the list of resources below. If you think you know someone being trafficked, or being trafficked yourself,  WE ARE HERE TO HELP.  Please call 1-800-222-8477.