RCMP H Division Commanding Officer


As Nova Scotia’s Provincial Police, the RCMP is proud to support the Nova Scotia Crime¬† Stoppers Association and acknowledge the important service they provide to law enforcement agencies.

Our communities are not immune to the dangers associated with criminal activity. We have some of the best police officers in the country, but some of our successes would not be possible without the Crime Stoppers Association and their dedicated volunteer staff. That is why, on an almost daily basis, we help raise awareness of the Crime Stoppers program through the RCMP Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Also, I would like to thank the concerned citizens who continue to use the anonymous Crime Stoppers service to provide valuable information to police agencies. Whether it’s a property crime, fraud, or a missing person case, the tips provided have a direct impact on the RCMP’s crime prevention and reduction efforts. For example, a tip this past winter was used to stop a large-scale public safety incident and many innocent lives were saved.

Once again, it is my pleasure to thank everyone involved with the Crime Stoppers Association. Your dedication and professionalism truly makes our province a safer place.






Brian Brennan
Commanding Officer
“H” Division
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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