Halifax Chief of Police

Jean-Michel (JM) Blais
Chief of Police
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As the new Chief of Halifax Regional Police, I am delighted to remark on the on-going success of the Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers Association.

I have been in policing for over 25 years and have seen the success of Crime Stoppers firsthand many times over the course of my career. In fact, I remember one particular case where I was investigating the theft of a fellow commissioned officer’s hat and a Crime Stoppers tip led to its recovery as well as the seizure of illicit drugs. I’ve already heard stories from Halifax Regional Police employees about Crime Stoppers leading to charges in both property and violent crimes in our community. For that, we are indebted to your organization and the people who make it tick.

It is evident to me that Crime Stoppers, like any organization, is successful because of its members and volunteers. I want to personally thank everyone involved with the Nova Scotia
Crime Stoppers Association for your commitment to an organization that assists police in conducting investigations and ultimately makes our community safer and stronger. Without
question, your organization is one that both police officers and community members have grown to rely on and trust in fostering public safety. It’s no wonder given your impressive track record since your inception in 1987: over 2,800 arrests, more than 6,300 charges laid and 5,400 cases cleared thanks to Crime Stoppers!

I know that my predecessor, Chief Frank Beazley, proudly advocated for Crime Stoppers as an effective and valuable investigative program in our community, particularly since your work saves police agencies both time and money in solving crimes, increases our solvability rates and brings closure to many victims of crime. I am proud to continue his legacy and offer overwhelming support for the important work you do. It is with pride that I will encourage Halifax Regional Police employees and the citizens of HRM to support Crime Stoppers.

I know that you are very active in our community as I have seen you at our local parades and at various other events. I am looking forward to meeting you at one of these events and am excited about the opportunity to work hand-in-hand

Jean-Michel (JM) Blais
Chief of Police
Halifax Regional Police