Counterfeit US currency in HRM

Public Advisory: Counterfeit US currency in HRM



The Financial Crime Unit of the Integrated Criminal Investigation Division is advising local businesses and citizens of the presence of counterfeit American bills in our area.



Since late August, there have been multiple reports of counterfeit $100 American bills being used to make purchases at local businesses within HRM with the majority received in the Dartmouth area.



Passing counterfeit money is a crime and may not be reimbursed if you unknowingly accept a counterfeit bill.  Don’t become a victim – always check the security features in bank notes before accepting them:


Canada’s polymer bank notes have advanced security features that are easy to use and difficult to counterfeit. They can be found on the front and back of these bills:


  • raised ink on the front
  • large window containing metallic symbols and images
  • maple leaf border around the large window
  • frosted maple leaf window


American Currency has security features including:


  • background colours and large, borderless portrait images
  • unique paper made of cotton and linen with randomly distributed red and blue fibers
  • off-centre portraits without a frame
  • watermark
  • colour shifting ink on some notes
  • security thread
  • 3-D security ribbon on some notes
  • serial numbers that correspond with a specific year



You can also learn how to check bank notes by visiting the Bank of Canada’s website:
Canadian currency:
American currency:  or



You don’t have to accept a bill you suspect is counterfeit. If you think you’ve received a counterfeit bill or if someone attempts to use a bill that appears to be counterfeit, contact police at 902-490-5020.