Crime Stoppers assists with the upcoming G8 and G20 meetings

Canada is hosting the upcoming G8 and G20 meetings. The G8 meetings will be taking place on June 25th and 26th in Huntsville, Ontario which is about an hours drive North of Toronto. The G20 meetings will be taking place June 26th and 27th in Toronto, Ontario. As you can appreciate the security requirements for these meetings are very significant in order to ensure the participants are kept safe and that nothing untoward happens in either location.

Crime Stoppers International and its world wide programs will participate by utilizing its world wide tip taking network to receive any information from the public relevant to the safety and security of these two meetings. The international network is comprised of over 1200 programs in over 27 Countries that will be available to receive tips.

The following link can be used by individuals wishing to submit tips online.
(This link will be in place until June 28, 2010).
See instructions below to send a text tip.
** Please note that the keyword for a text tip regarding the G8 and G20 meetings is RCMP (in place of TIPMAN).